The Viasat Group operates in Italy and abroad on the satellite positioning, security and protection market and also in the production and assembly of circuit boards and electronic products.

Experience acquired over the years and the high technological level achieved have earned the Group a position as forefront specialised operator on its reference markets where it operates with a brand that is both renowned and appreciated on the market.

Viasat, configured initially as an operator specialised in the production of hi-tech electronic systems adopted in particular in the automotive sector, has always always adopted an organization that considers product and service know-how as the focal point of its strategy. Factors such as the ability to design and construct products, to envision and deliver dedicated services, all within the same group of companies, distinguish Viasat from all its European competitors, making the company the fastest, most effective and complete LBS operator.
Main strong points:
  • strong National and International recognition of the Viasat brand
  • agreements with leading insurance companies
  • extensive commercial and assistance network with over 2100 installation centers
  • operations Centres Property: 2 in Italy (Turin and Rome), 1 in Romania (Buchrest), 1 in Poland (Warsaw) and 1 in Belgium (Brussels) and 23 in outsourced.
  • over 2 million devies produced, installed and assisted 
  • direct delivery of the satellite positioning, security and protection telematics and assistance service
  • know-how and experience of  Vem Solutions S.p.A. dedicated to the activity of technological innovation 
  • governance of the entire value chain
  • international presence through Viasat Servicios Telemáticos in Spain, Viasat Telematics and Enigma Telematics in Great Britain, BluSat Serviços Telemáticos in Portugall, Viasat Systems in Romania, CMA Monitoring in Poland, Emixis in Benelux, MobileFleet  in Spain and Chile and Viasat Technology in Bulgaria.
Viasat Group Offices