Mission and Values

The Viasat Group strives to provide satisfaction to those who seek Excellence and Experience in the Location Based Services (LBS) sector.

Our mission is to conceive, implement and distribute Security and Protection Systems and Services by applying Satellite Technologies; to be recognized by the market as Reliable and Innovative Leaders thanks to a success story that has 40 years, and to Guarantee our Clients, through the ongoing development and improvement of our Technologies:


Viasat Group - eccellenza nei Servizi di Localizzazione Satellitare

With more than 25 years consolidated experience on the LBS (Local Based Services) market, Viasat is a leader in the management of big data:
  • over 2 millions devices produced for Telematics Service Providers at a worldwide level
  • more than 12  billions kilometers treaded each year (80 times the distance between the Earth and the Sun).

This enormous bulk of information, if suitably managed and processed also using tools provided by Viasat, paves the way to exceptional business opportunities for companies that decide to take advantage of telematics to optimise and improve fleet management efficiency

The company values are based on a few key principles:

  • The principle of a positive attitude: a commitment to overcome all obstacles with a positive approach
  • The principle of learning: dedication to developing new ideas and new products
  • The principle of getting things done: a commitment to carrying out development activities with innovative operative plans
  • The principle of teaching others how to do things: a commitment to transferring knowledge to colleagues
  • The principle of what’s right and fair: a commitment to pursuing and promoting attitudes that value what is right and fair
  • The principle of aesthetics: the determination to develop products and services that are not only qualitatively useful but also original and satisfying.