2017- The year began with the strengthening of  Viasat Servicios Telemáticos network and establishing direct presence in South America by acquiring a majority stake in MobileFleet.  Announced in February the acquisition of 60% of the shares of Teamind Solution (Italian System Integrator, specialised in intelligent technological solutions for the world of mobility), with the aim of strengthening the presentation on the market of innovative applications and integrated satellite-based telematics services, able to simplify and optimise the activities of road haulage and logistics companies. In May  announced  EuroGPS’ acqusition, leader in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia for electronic systems, software platforms, services and Big Data.  EuroGPS will  be re-branded to Viasat Technology.

2016. Viasat Group was awarded to the UK-Italy Business Awards.One of the five companies of the ELITE program, organized by the Italian Stock Exchange, which are distinguished by the international ambitions. The process of internationalization of Viasat was enriched in the 2016 of a new important step; a newco in Potugal BluSat Serviços Telemáticos in Lisbon. In April the acquisition of 100% of the Polish company CMA Monitoring, to which is added, in July, the acquisition acquisition of majority stake of the Belgian Emixis. 

2015. The first half of 2015 showed further development of Viasat's internazionalization with the acquisition of 55%  of Cefin Systems, also known on the market under the brand CS Fleet, which in June became a part of the Group as Viasat Systems. It is a leading provider of telematics solutions for the fleet market in Romania that confirm in this way a ten-year collaboration with Viasat Group, laying the foundations of an ambitious development plan of insurance and safety-based communication technologies throughout the 'area of south-eastern Europe.

2014. In June, the acquisition of the British Enigma Vehicle Systems Ltd, focused on the fleet management services segment of the telematics industry, was completed. On 1 December, at the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan, Viasat Group was a nominee for the Oscar di Bilancio (Financial Statements Oscar) award in the section for Unlisted Small and Medium Enterprises.

2012-2013. In pursuit of strategies to increase international presence, a Spanish company Viasat Servicios Telemàticos is formed, with headquarters in Madrid, proposing to repeat, in Spain, the successes obtained in Italy, especially with regard to insurance telematics and the logistics management of vehicle fleets. Regarding legislative developments underway in Italy, relating to regulation of the use of "black boxes" in the insurance field, the group in institutionally involved as sector expert and furthers and founds TSP Association, the trade association for telematics Service Providers operating in Italy.
The Group strengthens its leadership in Italy in the strategic business areas, laying the foudation for further development at international level. A collaboration agreement is signed with Deloitte Advisory SL,  a Spanish Company of consulting for the development and distribution of insurance telematics solutions for the Spanish market.
Viasat Telematics Ltd is established in Great Britain.

2011.The Group participates in key institutional projects in the areas of R&D, production, logistics, and service. The new BluBox® Innovation Platform for products and services is presented. on 23 January 2012, Ernst & Young presents Chairman Domenico Petrone with the 2011 Enterpreneur Award for the Technology and Innovation category for " demonstrating, through the considerable results achieved over 37 years in business, that with dedication, a positive outlook, determination and ethical values, it is possible to build a better and more successful future".

2010. The Group strengthened its presence at the international level through agreements with Europe’s main Roadside Assistance Associations and Networks and new Industrial Partners. In spite of the ongoing difficulties created by the global economic crisis, the group notched up a sizeable increase in revenues and the related margins.

2009. Under the high patronage of the President of the Italian Republic, the Group was awarded the "Oscar di Bilancio" financial reporting award. Work on acquiring a stake in Pointer Telelocation Ltd. got under way with the aim of reinforcing its leadership in the sector, thereby creating the conditions for further development on a worldwide scale.

VIasat Group - History

2008. To rationalize the Group’s structure, reinforce the internal Technological Synergies and enhance the value of its key strengths, work began on reorganizing the project areas. Vem Solutions S.p.A., a company for Design, R&D and Innovation, was set up.

2007. The name of the parent company changed to Viasat Group S.p.A. The Group embarked on the road to listing on the STAR (High Requirement Securities Segment) of the Italian Stock Exchange. In 2007  Redco Infomobility was acquired. The latter specialized in designing and supplying Onboard Terminals and Telematic Multi-Service Multi-Device Platforms, in the Fleet Management, Logistics and Security areas.

2004. To strengthen its leadership, the Group acquired control of its main Italian competitor, Movitrack S.p.A., with which it embarked on new B2B and B2A initiatives focusing on Security and Insurance Services, along with the first Positioning, Assistance and Emergency services projects on a European level.

2002. The Group bought Viasat S.p.A., one of Italy’s leading companies in Satellite Protection and Positioning Services for cars and travellers. In the space of a few months, thanks to intense restructuring work, the company went from racking up sizeable losses to profitable operation, creating the conditions for further acquisitions in the future.

The 1991–2000 decade. Elem’s manufacturing and design talents took it to levels of national excellence. In 1991 a new 6,000 m² production plant was acquired and inaugurated in the municipality of Venaria Reale (Turin). In 1992, the company became one of the first in Italy to obtain ISO 9001 certification. The first studies on incorporating micro-processors into GSM and GPS modules date back to the last years of the decade. The first Satellite Security Systems were created. In 2000, a second plant was purchased and structured for producing electronic automotive modules and systems.

The 1981–1990 decade. On three occasions, Elem’s increasing industrial success made it necessary for the business to move to larger premises better equipped for housing highly sophisticated production processes. Exe.Fin. S.p.A. was formed to optimize the management and coordination of the industrial and administrative activities and as a holding company for strategic investments for the growth of the key activities.

VIasat Group - History

From 1974 to 1980. Domenico Petrone’s commitment and vision led him to set up the first electronic workshop in a garage, which later became Elem S.r.l. From the outset, Elem stood out for Quality, Flexibility and Production Excellence in the field of Electronics, and proved capable of satisfying the needs of big-name clients in the Automotive, IT, Telecommunications, Security, and Defence sectors.