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The new VEM Solutions is born: the future of the Internet of things according to Viasat Group

The merger between the two companies Elem S. p. A. and Vem Solutions S. r. l., both entirely owned by the Viasat Group holding company came to fruition.

The fourth Viasat Group CEO meeting takes place in Turin

National synergies, speed and operational flexibility, "glocal" strategy, investments in innovation, valorization of local skills and Internet of Things.

Viasat Group acquires the French company Locster

Viasat Group announced the acquisition of 51% of the French company Locster, one of the main players in B2B telematics in France with 4000 customers and 25.000 connected vehicles.

Facebook live broadcast: VIASAT GROUP presents the 1st edition of GUIDA ALLA SICUREZZA, dedocatedto the fleet world

For the 30th anniversary of Viasat (1987-2017) Guida alla Sicurezza doubles and dedicates a special, bilingual issue (Italian and English) to the Fleet world.

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