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TTIM: through 4G Retail starts the partnership with Viasat to provide automotive 4.0 solutions

Viasat's advanced satellite tracking systems for cars and  motorcycles and bicycles, always at a smartphone’s reach, will be distributed in over 200 4G Retail stores in the country's main shopping

VEM SOLUTIONS acquires 70% of the shares of Helian srl

An innovative plan to monitor mobility in the territory is launched. Helian is a company based in Abruzzo, Italy. Helian S.r.l.

Road Safety: eCALL is now mandatory for all newly type-approved cars. For al the rest, leave it to VIASAT!

Starting from March 31 in all of Europe, newly type-approved vehicles will have to be equipped with eCall, an abbreviation of "emergency call".

The new VEM Solutions is born: the future of the Internet of things according to Viasat Group

The merger between the two companies Elem S. p. A. and Vem Solutions S. r. l., both entirely owned by the Viasat Group holding company came to fruition.

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