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Viasat presents at Smart Mobility World 2016

Be Social Move Smart ! Innovation is the right word for a new way of thinking mobility 

Viasat Group: Mario Bellotti, new Head of Strategic Marketing R&D

The Viasat Group acquisition campaign does not stop, with regards to Research & Development. 

Viasat Group entrusts reserach&development to Marco Annoni, new CEO of Vem Solutions

Viasat Group has appointed Turin-native Marco Annoni as new CEO of its subsidiary Vem Solutions. Since 2008 the company has concentrated all of the Group’s skills and expertise in the field of the design of satellite device 

The Group Expands to Benelux through the acqusition of a majority stake in Emixis

Viasat Group announces today the acquisition of majority stake in Emixis, a Belgian  leader in the field of telematics fleet management systems.

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